The Digital Transformation process begins with a Diagnosis

Digital Transformation brings productivity, cost savings, and increased competitiveness. To move in the right direction, we use Digital Diagnosis and our experience to identify the starting point , estimate the impact of actions and select the technological solutions that best adapt to the needs, resources, and digitalization priorities of each company

First Stage - Diagnosis 4.0

Identify needs

Visit the company

On-site data collection

Diagnosis by area

All areas are reviewed: processes, products, human resources, technology and data orientation.

Identifying opportunities for improvement

Analyze causes and choose actions to improve

Second Stage - Roadmap 4.0

Prioritize solutions

Level of Adaptation

Open source solutions available and customization potential.

Greater Impact

Increased productivity, reduced costs, implementation time.

Return on Investment

Prioritization of actions based on estimated return.

Accredited Advisors

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Our diagnostic service is provided by engineers specialized in Industry 4.0 solutions accredited by ACCIÓ, with extensive experience in supporting companies
during their digitalization process.

Permanent Update

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From Bit Genoma we have collaborated in the drafting of the Digital Transformation Guide, an  initiative of the Digital Transformation Working Group of the
Digital Society Commission of the College of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia.

Know the level of digital maturity of your company

We accompany you in the process of digital transformation of your business

What's the next step?

Fine-tune the implementation project and select those responsible for leading the Digital Transformation process and the technological solution providers.
The solutions to be implemented can range from the development of an application to the sensing and automation of processes through IoT technologies.

Android, ios, Hybrid Apps, ionic, cordova, angular, node, react, NoSQL, Oracle, MySQL. 

Applications enable interconnectivity and facilitate the process of acquiring products and services.

  • Improve user experience through ease of use and customization. 
  • Facilitate collaborative and remote work through multiplatforms.