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The driver in industry 4.0 through data collection

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RFID Systems

Custom RFID solutions design service for process optimization

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IOT Device Design

Custom sensors for data capture

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CaptorIOT drives the transformation towards Industry 4.0 and adds value to processes through data collection.

It connects industrial machinery and processes with the digital world and provides information at the right time to facilitate operational and maintenance decisions.

It integrates readings from different sensors in real time and uses a cloud - based ecosystem accessible from a web browser and mobile alerts.

  • Monitor machine activity in real time
  • Customized alert system
  • Obtain the main KPIs and indicators of Predictive Maintenance

RFID Systems


Know the location and quantity of all inventory items in real time.

Reads items moving on conveyors at standard speeds regardless of orientation.

Connects supply chain assets to the systems that manage them.

Enables identification while shipments are in motion to empower smart inventory and agile supply management.

Take advantage of monitoring to react quickly and resolve delays.

  • Label products
  • Read products
  •  Moniter products

IOT Device Design

Bitgenoma also offers software design for IOT applications, offering comprehensive solutions for electronic design and  development  of IIOT devices. 
We handle hardware design from technical specification to final prototype, including schematics, PCB design, prototype manufacturing, commissioning, validation and corresponding testing.

We support our 4.0 solutions with the creation of innovative, open and certified connected products according to your needs.

  •  Electronic design
  •  Firmware for connected systems
  • Security for IoT
  • Providing connectivity to industrial equipment

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