Marketing intership

Badalona, España

Bit Genoma is looking for a Digital Marketing Intern to develop and deploy the Marketing strategy for the company. Together with the CEO, and a Marketing Consultant, the Digital Marketing intern will lead and deploy all the Marketing Plan, focused on Digital Marketing.

Bit Genoma Digital Solutions is a leading company specialized in IOT solutions for the industry. Our clients are manufacturing companies and large institutions.

Candidate with Business studies / Marketing Master / Digital Marketing


The main objective of the role is to get leads for the company that will end up in sales

  • Create and execute Marketing plan according to business objectives
  • Develop the Marketing and Sales Funnel for the target market and target products
  • Specifically, will work on Inbound, Outbound and Marketing Automation. 
  • Awareness, contents, and lead generation in the target channels
  • Creation of digital Marketing campaigns (Google Ads, Linkedin, contents and website, specific industry media)
  • Improvement of the website
  • Content coordination and publishing
  • Follow up with leads and prospects leading to Sales Some functions can be outsourced to freelancers or agencies
  • Direct contact to potential customer one 2 one, during first stage of the funnel including email / linkedin contact and telephone assistance for incoming requests


  • Technologically savvy

  • Strong digital focus with expertise in Digital Marketing

  • Action and results oriented, hands-on, making things happen

  • Customer centric

  • Strong proactivity and Entrepreneurial


  • Technical / technological / engineer background
  • Experience in Digital Marketing, lead generation campaigns is a Must (ideally in B2B environment: adwords, Linkedin)
  • Experience in Customer Development, ideally in B2B
  • Experience in managing startups is a plus


  • Spanish is a must
  • English intermediate is a must. Proficiency in English is a plus


  • 1.000 eur / month for full time
  • Internship contract "convenio empresa-universidad" (not a labour contract, but a studying/practicing/internship contract). Therefore, the candidate must have the possibility to have this kind of contract with his/her school. 
  • 6 months extendable to 6 more months
  • Objective is to hire the candidate as a full-time job after internship finishes, if there's a good fit and performance, in a fast growing startup

The position will be based in our offices in Badalona (easy access by metro or train).

We offer interesting flexibility measures like the ability to work from home on selected days, or flexible schedules.

We offer strong freedom: we care about making things done and reaching the objectives, we provide guidance and support, but the candidate can feel free on how the objectives are reached.

This position is perfect for a candidate with a technical background that wants to focus his/her career on the Marketing and Customer Development areas, specially with a strong digital focus. He/she will learn all the process of of a Marketing and Sales Plan from the beginning, and learn from an experienced CEO and a Strategic Marketing Consultant.

This is a fast growing startup that is leading the development of solutions in the IA industry.